Employer Branding

The fierce competition for talent and employees increases the importance of being able to communicate a distinct employer brand that attracts the right employees and also creates internal pride.

Why is an organisation’s employer brand important?

The market is flooded with companies claiming to be the best in terms of quality, price, and service. But what truly influences a customer to choose one supplier over another? Just as there are unique selling propositions (USPs) that are crucial for sales and help a company stand out in the market, a distinct employer value proposition can genuinely help a company distinguish itself from other employers and attract the right employees.

An employer brand is built from within and fundamentally reflects the reality of the organization. Therefore, employer branding is about much more than just developing communication; it is also about developing the employee journey and clarifying what it is like to work at your company.

Every company has an employer brand, and we can help you leverage the opportunities of a distinct employer brand as well as develop and improve your weaknesses and highlight your strengths.

A significant obstacle in the application process is, for example, that candidates do not know what it is like to work within the organisation. Therefore, it is especially important to create awareness through communication about who you are, what it is like to work with you, and why it is good to work with you.

How does our process look like?

To establish the foundation for relevant and effective employer communication, we work with various questions to define what in the employer offer is distinctive, true, sustainable over time, and also attractive both internally and externally.

As with all communication, we start with the recipient, the actual target group we want to reach. The type of competence, characteristics, and values the target group possesses are particularly important for the communication to contribute to the overall goals. To engage and attract the right target group, we also need insight into what potential employees desire in an employer. Attractive communication involves positioning oneself with values that meet the target group’s desires and drive the company’s development forward.

We are not a communication agency, but we are happy to collaborate with your agency or our partners to deliver communication.

Finally, we help you build good career pages and create a structure and messaging platform for your employer brand.

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